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In 2010 they created the production company Making DOC and placed their camera where others decided to look away: in “Kafana (Enough, Already!)” the protagonism was of the Saharawi people, in “Prescription Art” it focused on Alzheimer's and Huntington’s patients; In “The Children of Mama Wata”, they spoke about the postwar period in Sierra Leone. Afghanistan was portrayed in “Boxing for Freedom” with the story of young boxers.

LAURA JURADOIndustria del Cine

“Where the Wind Takes Us” is a very personal work by J.A. Moreno, it is an intimate story of a fighter who defends her dignity and who seeks a place that changes the sign of her life. Moreno Amador's photographic treatment leaves emotional and close moments. Aesthetically brilliant.

J.A. MORENO RODRÍGUEZCorto pero intenso

“Our Life as Refugee Children in Europe” those minors who look at us. His voice was missing. In the heartbreaking map of migrations that cross the Mediterranean in the hope of finding a better life in Europe, the voices of minors were missing.

MERCEDES ARANCIBIAPeriodistas en español

Your film "Boxing for Freedom" meant a lot to our audiences and the youth jury at our festival. Visual storytelling like yours is crucial to global awareness and our collective response to world events. Cinema is an empathy machine, and you truly gave us deep insights.

LIZ SHEPHERDFestival Director "Children's Film Festival Seattle"