The exhibition consists of almost 100 photographs, some made by young Sierra Leoneans, a short film about the situation of the country and ambient sound recorded in the streets of Freetown.

The exhibition focuses on the most vulnerable sectors of society: young people, women and children. Young people represent the generation lost as a result of the war. Being a woman in Sierra Leone is not easy either. Few have gone to school, most have had to marry in adolescence and 90% have suffered ablation.

Childhood today represents one of the greatest challenges in the country. Two out of every ten children die before the age of five. Half of the children do not go to school because their parents can not afford it, although paradoxically many work to earn money. In addition, they help in domestic chores and still manage to take time to play. They are the future of the country. They are called Mahmud, Osman, Marie, William, Mohamed, Kadiatu, Enke…

Commission: J.A. Moreno Amador
Year: 2011

Photographers: Silvia Venegas, J.A. Moreno and Freetown youth

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