Mama Wata is a goddess that provides Sierra Leone with wealth. She has blessed Goderich Bay (Freetown) with an abundance of fish. Idrissa, a local fisherman, knows that she looks over him as he battles against international ships, illegal fishing and the use of boats for drug running. Memuna, a local fish vender, and her ten children depend greatly on Mama Wata’s bounty. Like many women in the village, her husband left her to fend for herself. Saffie suffered the same fate when she was just 17 with two children. Now she is mother of several more as she cares for the local children when their parents head off to sell at market. Saffie never had the privilege of going to school like Suphie and Mustapha, although it has not helped them find work. Unless they want to become fishermen like their fathers, they will have to look abroad to seek work.

Original Title: The Children of Mama Wata
Distribution: Making DOC
Rights: Worldwide
Production: Making DOC
Directed by: J.A. Moreno Amador and Silvia Venegas

Format: 16:9
Length: 55 min.
Original Language: English, krio y temne
Subtitles: Spanish, English and French
Year: 2010


  • Festival Alcances 2010. Cadiz. Spain.
  • Festival sobre Derechos Humanos VIVISECTfest 2011. Novi Sad, Serbia
  • International Film Festival Adis Adeba 2011. Adis Abeba. Ethiopia.


  • Pitch DOCSBARCELONA 2010. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Videoteca Sunny Side of the DOC 2011. La Rochelle, France.
  • Videoteca Miradasdoc Market 2011. Guía de Isora, Spain.


Canal Extremadura, Spain (05/06/2011)

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