In a refugee camp in the Sahara desert lives Kori, a deaf child who wants to learn to write to express the words of his best friend, the little camel Caramelo. Kori’s world is unusual because he has always lived in the Saharawi refugee camp and does not know sign language. He needs to learn to write to overcome the barriers of isolation and thus claim his right to education.Welcome to the silent world of Kori and his best friend the Caramel camel.

Recommended for children by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain.

Original Title: Palabras de Caramelo
English Title: Words of Caramel
Production: Making DOC
Written and Directed by: Juan Antonio Moreno Amador
Based on: “Palabras de Caramelo” by Gonzalo Moure – Editorial Anaya Producers: Silvia Venegas and Juan Antonio Moreno
Director of Photography: Javier Cerdá
Edition: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Sound: Gabriel Gutiérrez and Luis Cotallo

Format: 4K
Audio: Dolby Atmos / 5.1 / Stereo
Length: 20 minutes
Language: No dialogues
Versions: Spanish, English, French, Italian
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Supported by ICAA of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and Community of Madrid


  • Nominated for the Goya Awards for Best Documentary Short Film. Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain. Spain.
  • Award for Best Short Film. Cinehorizontes – Cinéma Espagnol de Marseille Festival. France.
  • Dolby / Adhoc Award for Best Sound. Hispasat 4K Festival. Spain.
  • Special Mention for the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Hispasat 4K Festival. Spain.
  • Second Jury Prize. Roshd International Film Festival. Iran.
  • Best Documentary Short Film Category “Africa”. International Exhibition of Short Film Solidarity and Awareness of Ciudad Real. Spain.
  • Prize for the Most Humanitarian Film. International Film Festival on Disability, FECIDISCOVI. Spain.
  • Second Prize at the Dos Torres Rural Film. Spain.
  • UNICEF Prize for the best work of the Festival that promotes the rights of the child. Divercine International Festival. Uruguay.
  • Signis Award. Divercine International Festival. Uruguay.
  • Audience Award. River Film Festival. Italy.
  • Finalist in the Short Competition at the Luis Gonzaga Center. Spain.
  • Signis Award for Best Short Film. International Human Rights Film Festival of Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • Best Documentary Short Film. Skepto Film Festival. Italy.
  • Grand Prize of the Young Jury. Ombre du Court Festival. France.
  • Les Films Avenir Award. Ombre du Court Festival. France.
  • Best short film. Documentary Film Festival Article 31 Film Festival. Spain.
  • Best Short Film. Film Festival: Childhood and Adolescence. Colombia.
  • Best International Fiction. Ojo al Sancocho International Festival. Colombia.
  • Special Mention for Best Photography. Cinemator Festival. France.
  • First Prize in the Carabanchel Short Film Competition. Spain.
  • Best Sound Award. Madrid Film Festival. PNR. Spain.
  • Madrid Short Film Award. Community of Madrid Short Film Week. Spain.
  • Best Photography Award. Community of Madrid Short Film Week. Spain.
  • Special Mention for Best Sound. Community of Madrid Short Film Week. Spain.
  • Public Prize and Second Jury Prize. Rural Goya Festival of Short Mutes. Spain.


  •  Camerimage Film Festival. Poland.
  • Bueu International Short Film Festival – FICBUEU. Spain.
  • Santander International Independent Film Festival. SANFICI. Colombia.
  • Lecce Film Festival. Italy.
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